About Cargoclix


The worldwide marketplace for transport and logistics

The Cargoclix company, founded in 1999, is among the leading Internet trading platforms in the area of transport and logistics.  Cargoclix has at its disposal a network of over 17,000 users - in Europe and around the world.  Cargoclix offers all areas of the market a neutral and fair environment for business with transport and logistics contracts.

Well-known contracts from industry, trade and logistics use the tender portal regularly to issue their logistics contracts - from individual business relations all the way up to integrated logistics concepts.

Logistics service providers profit from an efficient way to reach new contractors and a better usage of their rolling stock.  Many logistics companies have been able to build long-term business relationships into new contractors.  On the part of the service providers, Cargoclix is used both by small and mid-sized businesses as well as by large logistics firms.

From the very beginning Cargoclix has had the goal of bringing contractors and logistics service providers together and establishing successful cooperation between them.  In order to make this possible, we are constantly developing and improving our platform and making optimized services available to our customers.   Every day we make a new resolve that every contact originating with Cargoclix will result in a trusting and promising partnership between contractor and logistics service provider.


Efficiency through transparency

By means of the worldwide network of Cargoclix, both contractors and logistics service providers have an optimal market overview and thus are able to find the ideal partner. The ability to compete is thus enhanced for the long term for contractors and logistics service providers who use Cargoclix services. 


Our experience - Your success

We can look back on many years of experience in the business of transport and logistics contracts, from which our customers profit again and again every day. Thus we see each and every tender as a custom-made suit which has to be the exact fit for the requirements of the contractor and the logistics service provider. Only an optimal and tailor-made structure of tenders can guarantee the best possible result.


We are here for you

Regardless of whether it is your first tender with Cargoclix or you are a long-time user issuing all of your short- and long-term contracts via Cargoclix: we have a specific and individual service packet for every customer.



The tenders executed daily by Cargoclix are often confidential in character. Therefore Cargoclix offers contractors wishing to execute their tender in a closed circle various possibilities to guarantee security to the highest degree (such as closed user groups and CargoMarkets).



Cargoclix is a 100% neutral marketplace which is not dependent on anyone acting as contractor or logistics service provider. Rather we represent the interests of all contractors and logistics service providers.

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