Cargoclix Tender


Tendering of long-term contracts covering transport and logistics with direct access to the complete Cargoclix network

The purpose of a tender in the area of Cargoclix Tender is to locate the optimal logistics service provider for the long-term execution of corresponding contracts covering transport and logistics. Logistics service providers are invited to the tendering process by any appropriate contractors which are of interest to them.

As a contractor you will obtain via a tender in the area Cargoclix Tender access to the complete Cargoclix network with several thousand associated service providers in the areas of transport and logistics. You will thus find the ideal partners for your contract. All appropriate service providers based on their service profile will be invited to the tendering of your contract. You will have at all times an overview of the contact data and company profiles of the logistics service providers participating in the tendering of the contract. As an alternative you can also execute closed tenders or exclude certain companies from your tenders by means of a blacklist. You are not required to accept the lowest bid, but you can award the job to the best logistics service provider in terms of price and performance.

As a logistics service provider you will have direct access to all tenders available to you without any additional distribution costs. You can decide which tenders are of interest to your house and participate in them. In this way you can gain new customers and increase the usage of your capacity. You do not have to check the current tenders at Cargoclix every day, but you will be invited via e-mail to all tenders suitable for you based on the profile you have registered. If you have any questions for the contractor, you can enter them directly on line and receive answers directly from the contractor.

All participants in the market thereby profit from an optimal overview of the market, the transparent submission of bids and an enhanced ability to compete.

The services of Cargoclix thus include also the careful preparation and evaluation of each tender, which are often based on complex logistical structures. The services offered can thus be adapted individually to the requirements of each customer, so that even very complex and extensive tenders can be executed with the help of Cargoclix.

The only costs involved in the area of Cargoclix Tender are for the execution of the tender, and are charged to the contractor. Logistics service providers can participate in the tendering process completely free of charge; even when the job is awarded, no costs are charged to them. The contractor can thus be certain that no intermediary fees are included in the bids submitted by logistics service providers. For high-volume contractors Cargoclix offers attractive large-scale contracts. Click here for price list...

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Cargoclix Tender in Summary

Tendering of long-term contracts

  • Beginning a tender independently via personal profiles
  • Extensive consultation by Cargoclix during the preparation of large and complex tendering projects
  • Invitation to all suitable logistics service providers from the Cargoclix network
  • Optimized tendering procedure even for complex logistical structures
  • If desired, tendering within an exclusive user group
  • Extensive evaluation of bids by ScenarioManager, graphics, etc.
  • Awarding jobs to the best logistics service provider based on price and performance
  • No charge for logistics service providers