Company-exclusive logistics marketplace

The objective of CargoMarkets is to make available to the contractor a company-exclusive transport and logistics marketplace, in which all short- and long-term transport and logistics contracts can be awarded to any desired logistics service providers which have previously been checked for suitability.

As a contractor you can, on the one hand, accept any logistics service provider you wish into your CargoMarket.  On the other hand you can indicate which contracts you are awarding in the CargoMarket, and what type of logistics service provider you are looking for.  In this way other logistics service providers can advertise with you in hopes of being accepted into your CargoMarket.  You decide about the acceptance of logistics service providers, and thus create a logistics network tailor-made to your specific requirements  With this network you can tender contracts for your short- and long-term transport and logistics within the group of the logistics service providers which are best suited to you. In addition the CargoMarket always provides access to the complete Cargoclix network;  in the event you are unable to award a contract in your CargoMarket because of some capacity shortage, this contract can then be posted directly on the open marketplace of Cargoclix.

As a logistics service provider you will be accepted by your contractors into the CargoMarket and will always receive a direct invitation to short- and long-term transport and logistics contracts.  In addition you can advertise with the already-existing CargoMarkets of those contractors which are suitable for you and with which you would be interested in working together in the future.  As soon as you have been accepted into the CargoMarket of a contractor, you will be invited as one of the preferred logistics service providers directly to all of that contractor's contracts which may be suitable for you.    In that way the various consulting partners can be informed in your house about whatever contract has been recently tendered.

All participants in the area of CargoMarkets  profit thereby from the best trading procedures while improving and expanding their own logistical network.

The services of Cargoclix thus include the posting of CargoMarkets in the Corporate Design of the contractor.  Every contractor maintaining a CargoMarket receives a special administrative area, where all participants of the CargoMarket can be directly administered.

Costs for using CargoMarkets correspond to those prevailing in open trade with Cargoclix, whether in the area of Cargoclix Tender or in Cargoclix Spot.  For contractors with greater volume Cargoclix offers attractive high-volume contracts.

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CargoMarkets at Cargoclix


CargoMarkets in Summary

Awarding jobs within one’s own logistics network

  • All desired logistics service providers can be accepted into CargoMarkets
  • CargoMarket is always being advertised at Cargoclix, so that new, suitable logistics service providers can advertise
  • A user's own ideal logistics network can be created
  • When long- and short-term contracts are started, associated logistics service providers can be directly invited
  • Short and long-term contracts can be awarded