All services of Cargoclix have the objective of establishing successful cooperation between a contractor and a logistics service provider.  In order to present optimally various requirements of contracts covering transport and logistics, Cargoclix offers three distinct areas of expertise:

In the area of Cargoclix Tender, long-term contracts covering transport and logistics are tendered, while short-term contracts are handled in the area Cargoclix Spot.  In the area CargoMarkets, contractors can construct their own logistics network and integrate their preferred logistics service provider into their own CargoMarket.  Logistics service providers on the other hand can advertise in the CargoMarket of any appropriate contractors which are of interest to them.

The comprehensive Cargoclix network of over 17,000 users is thus a substantial basis for the successful issuance of contracts covering transport and logistics.  All services thereby offer an optimized access to this network corresponding to each and every requirement.  In this way every contract becomes accessible to the desired group of logistics service providers.

In order to use Cargoclix you simply need Internet access and a browser.  The installation of additional software is not necessary.  The use of the platform requires no setup fee or other fixed costs.  The price model is purely dependent on the transaction.  For users with greater volume Cargoclix offers attractive long-term contracts.


Cargoclix Tender

Tendering of long-term contracts covering transport and logistics with direct access to the complete Cargoclix network. More...


Cargoclix Spot

Awarding of short-term, current-day transport and logistics contracts with the objective of prompt mediation. More...



Company-exclusive logistics marketplace for the contractor to award jobs having short- and long-term transport and logistics contracts to associated logistics service providers. More...

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